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  1. Event Period: Will start on the official launching of the server until we completed the characters who have met the requirements. The first players who reach reset amount required will receive prizes. View current rankings of resets: https://www.luminousmu.com/rankings 1ST TOP 15 WITH 1 GRAND RESET - Gift Code: TOP15-GR1-1000WC Reward: - 1000 WCoins 1ST TOP 10 WITH 3 GRAND RESETS - Gift Code: TOP10-GR3-2000WC Reward: - 2000 WCoins 1ST TOP 5 WITH 5 GRAND RESETS - Gift Code: TOP5-GR5-3000WC Reward: - 3000 WCoins How to claim reward? Use given gift codes when you have met requirements: https://www.luminousmu.com/gift-code Note 1: Players are allowed to use any buffs to boost their damage and exp. Note 2: Players are not allowed to have more than 1 character for this event. Note 3: Just in case you are using more than 1 character for this event, you can only declare 1 of your characters to receive the rewards. Note 4: Players who will be caught abusing the event will be punished accordingly.
  2. Practically in Chaos Machine wings 2.5lvl have only 10%, not 60%. Its sad
  3. How to get ruud skills for elf? in shop we only have focus shot where are rest? where its drop? no info...
  4. how to login after being offlevel ? there is no option to disconnect the character
  5. Really like the balanced difference between vip's and non-vip's. Good job!
  6. aephemerial

    PK System

    Interesting system for PK'S ngl.
  7. Low Level Devil Square & Blood Castle cannot enter.
  8. where do Gold and Silver key drop?
  9. Blood Angel Boots for DL? -.-
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