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Maze of Dimensions

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Maze Event Prize: 20,000 RUUD

📌 To start in the event you must go to the Event Square map and go to the NPC Portal of Dimension at coordinate 235 x 56.

📌 No invitation is required to enter the event. Simply click on NPC to enter the event. 

📌 There are a total of 7 floors that you must go from level to level, trying to locate the flag.

📌 Each complete floor gives you a total of 2800 RUUD but on the 7th floor a total of 3200.

📌 Event can be done any day of the week and has no time to enter. It resets every Monday.

📌 If you do not complete it by Monday so it will reset and start over from the 1st floor.

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The event is buged i think, becouse at floor 1 level 7 u can not go futher.

When u try to kill the mobs to make a gate u are sent back at the start with a message that u failed, it doesen't let u kill the mobs to create 

  the gate.


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