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Guides Luminous MU

Commands and Features

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Basic Commands

Command Description
/post Global communication on the connected server.
/pkclear Clear PK status. Zen * Kill Count.
/time Shows the current time of server.
/ware [number] Change the warehouse of your account. [0 - 3] for Free players and [0 - 10] VIP players.
/dcfriend [char] [pass] Disconnect from the game selected character.
/reset Reset your character.
/openware Opens warehouse from anywhere and anytime. This is available only for VIP players.


Character Commands

Command Description
/addstr [amount] Adds points to Strength.
/addagi [amount] Adds points to Agility.
/addvit [amount] Adds points to Vitality.
/addene [amount] Adds points to Energy.
/addcmd [amount] Adds points to Command (DL only).
/addstr auto [amount] Adds points automatically until limit reached. To cancel the auto add points command you must write: /addstr auto 0.
/re [on/off] Enable, Disable the receipt of requests.
/re auto Accept requests automatically.
/re auto [pass] Accept requests with same password.
/rebuild Reset stat points to be able to reassign them. Costs Zen. 2x cheaper for VIP players.
/offattack Enables offline auto-attack mode. Level Up while offline. Max 18h for Free players and 30h for VIP players.


Store Commands

Command Description
/store wc Store by WCoins.
/store gp Store by Goblin Points.
/store ruud Store by Ruud.
/store chaos Store by Jewel of Chaos.
/store bless Store by Jewel of Bless.
/store soul Store by Jewel of Soul.
/offstore Enables offline store.


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