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[Changelog] Latest Updates & Fixes

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Here you can view most of changes made to server


✔️Added new mounts to xShop: Ghost Horse, Ice Dragon, Pierce Lion.

✔️Removed level requirements for portals in high maps so now can use from level 300.

✔️Fixed respawns of Boss Lord Silvester and Core Magriffy.

✔️Updated Playtime Rewards (View info in-game (https://i.imgur.com/ERaQKhM.png)).

✔️Updated Referral System Rewards (https://www.luminousmu.com/account-panel/my-referral-list).

✔️Fixed Chaos Castle issue with monsters sometimes did go outside the map.

✔️Updated PK System (https://guides.luminousmu.com/topic/38-pk-system/).

✔️Changed Item Zen prices when selling to NPC shops for several items.

✔️Updated all Jewels regular drop from monsters. Dynamically higher rate depending on monster level.

✔️Added new feature command /openware. Allows to open warehouse from anywhere (VIP's only)

✔️Added Non-PvP map - Deep Dungeon 1

✔️Updated monster spots for maps: Gray Aida, Old Kethotum, Burning Kethotum

✔️Update Droplist of Events, Invasions, Bosses  in process (https://guides.luminousmu.com/topic/36-schedule-droplist-events-invasions-bosses/).






We are working to improve server daily to give the best experience to enjoy the game.

We do improve some rewards, adding new in-game features, updating existing ones.

Also game GUIDES are being updated and added new so you will be able to find an answers on your questions.

Important thing is if you find some error or just a thing what should be changed or improved so feel free to tell us.

Our Facebook Page support is always active (sometimes need more time to reply if we are busy with work on server).

Thank you all and stay with us!

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how to login after being offlevel ? there is no option to disconnect the character

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How to get ruud skills for elf? in shop we only have focus shot where are rest? where its drop? no info...

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