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How to farm WCoins and Goblin Points

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check-mark.pngWays to earn WCoins

1. ☑️ Vote Reward - Vote for us every 12 hours and some links every 24 hours!

In this way you will get free WCoins and help our server to grow higher in rankings.

2. ☑️ TOP Active Players - Top 20 players every month will be automatically rewarded with Free WCoins.

2. ☑️ Facebook Like & Share - Follow few easy steps required to do and receive free WCoins one time.

3. ☑️ Referral System - Invite your friends or other people using your unique referral link to register under you!

You can invite unlimited amount of people and receive as much WCoins as you will earn for resets they make.

4. ☑️ Reset Rewards - Get WCoins simply by making resets for your characters. View actual info on website news!

5. ☑️ In-Game Store / Offstore - Attend the game events, hunt bosses, get rare and expensive items, in order to sell them to other players!

6. ☑️ In-Game Invasions - Hunt monsters of Invasions: Golden, Cow and Summer (Fire Flame Ghost)



check-mark.pngWays to earn Goblin Points

1. ☑️ Receive 40 Goblin Points every 1 hour just for being online in game (VIP: 60)

2. ☑️ In-Game Invasions - Hunt monsters of Invasions: Easter (Gold Rabbit) and New Year (Pouch of Blessing)

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